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Sigma Tau is one of the leading chapters of the Ninth District. The chapter is comprised of active and retired military, Civil Service, Businessmen and Educators within the El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico communities. The chapter has experienced a continuous stream of Omega Men and attracted others of varied backgrounds to uphold the principles and Omega traditions.

Since its inception, the chapter has preserved the trials and tribulations of birth and maturity to execute national and local programs and objectives. From the lean formative years to the present, the chapter has consistently provided scholarship to area students. An exceptional effort was made in April 1968 when some Afro American Students at the University of Texas at EL Paso (UTEP) were dropped from scholarships after a boycott of a track meet with Brigham Young University. Sigma Tau provided aid to a number of those students after an investigation of the matter by the chapter. In executing its social and civic objectives within the community, Sigma Tau has been highly visible and influential. In 1964, the chapter was a pioneer in the establishment of the Inter-Club Council consisting of representatives of the Afro-American fraternal and social organizations in El Paso. This council has continually served as an effective vehicle for mutual support, cooperation, and coordination among member organizations.

Also, in 1964, the chapter actively supported the Civil Rights Bill, through a letter campaign to congressional representatives for the state of Texas. In 1978, the chapter held its first annual Dr. Charles R. Drew Blood Drive. This annual event serves as a memorial to assist with local blood service efforts. While supporting the less fortunate, the chapter has provided Family Baskets since 1961. In 1976, the Sigma Tau Chapter hosted the 39th Annual Ninth District Meeting in the city of El Paso, Texas.

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Friendship is Essential to the Soul


James T. Brown, Basileus
Robert Majette, Keeper of Peace
Danilo Martinez, Keeper of Records and Seal
Roderick E. Jackson, Keeper of Finance
Cornelius Wright, Chaplain
Jeromy J. Hamilton, Sr., Keeper of Peace
Terrance Kinard, Editor
Kendrick Lusk, Immediate Past Basileus

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