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Service: Sundays at 9:30 AM

In the vibrant city of El Paso, Texas, Pastors Thaddeus and Lori Bowden was led to establish In His Presence International Worship Ministry in 2007. It started as a small gathering of dedicated individuals. The ministry aimed to foster an environment where people could come together to worship, pray, and grow spiritually. The vision was simple but powerful: to develop a community of leaders from all walks of life through teaching worship and intercession. The year 2021 brought significant changes to In His Presence, when the Lord called Pastor Thaddeus home. Despite the immense grief and loss, Pastor Lori continued to diligently pastor their congregation. In honor of Pastor Thaddeus’ legacy In His Presence name was changed to New Dimensions Kingdom Worship Church the following year. New Dimensions Kingdom Worship Church represents a continuation of the Bowden's mission to provide spiritual guidance and support to their community. The church has thrived, carrying forward the legacy of love and faith instilled by Pastor Thaddeus.


Bringing People Together Through the Word, Worship and Love


Thaddues Bowden, Lori Bowden

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(915) 490-2827



8935 Gateway South Ste A2
El Paso, TX, 79924

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