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About the Founder: Rev. George W. Gradington and his wife Indiana organized a church in their home located on Willow at Canal Streets. They named the new church Sweet Unity Baptist. The membership soon became too large for the Gradington home, and they moved to a larger facility located on the opposite corner. From these roots Sweet Unity under the pastorate of Rev. Gradington, moved to a location on Durazno Street. In 1910 Sweet Unity Baptist was renamed Shiloh Baptist Church.

About Shiloh: They began to build a permanent place of worship at the new location. Prior to completion of the new building, which was paid for in1912, some of the members complained the new church was too far from town. The church voted to again relocate to a closer location on Magoffin Street. In 1918, the Rev. W.M. Green (assumed to be an associate minister) along with several members separated from Shiloh and organized the Peoples Baptist Church. That group held meetings in a small apartment. Later the church name was changed to Mount Zion Baptist and the membership moved to a new location on Durazno and Estrella St. Thus, Mt. Zion today, is recognized as our sister church. After the separation, our history resources do not further mention the future of Pastor Gradington at Shiloh.


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