Founded in 2006, The Black Roundtable of El Paso, Texas (TBR) is a Black El Paso community discussion series whose primary purpose is to bring awareness about the issues that affect black men, women, children and families, in El Paso County, Texas and throughout the nation.

The discussions are usually moderator led, 30-60-minute-long interactive sessions that include audience participation.

Panelists include local community subject matter experts, activists, and concerned citizens who offer input, feedback and experience.

The following includes a partial list of the many aspects of life that impact U.S. citizens and those that will be discussed at various, separate roundtable sessions:

  • Health and Wellness Mental Health Awareness
  • Education
  • Financial Wellness and Education
  • Socio-Political Responsibility
  • Business Start-up, Growth and Development
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Home and Consumer Economics
  • Black History throughout the nation and world

The mission is to build a hub for studying, networking, brainstorming, relevant events, youth growth and community development.

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Facebook | Instagram: @blackroundtable