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Dance I instruction positive body image in ballet , jazz, hip hop fusion, rhythm, contemporary, acrobatics and flexibility. Ages 3 -adult.

The No Styx Or Stones Dance Academy is a teaching institute aimed at encouraging and nurturing our dancers in their development as a dance professional. We personalize each class experience to challenge the dancer at whatever level they are without judgement of prior skill, training, or physical appearance. Our goal is for each dancer to wholly grow. We encourage every dancer to first love themselves, then others, and dance. The goal is for our dancers to recognize the art and beauty of each individual and their dance in life. We believe it takes discipline, hard work, dedication, daring, and a bit of fun to become a whole dance artist. We believe that dance is one of the truest forms of art. It cannot be duplicated or repeated because the substance by which it is made is in a constant state of flux. As such, a dancer will never become irrelevant because they are always in a state of metamorphosis. Their art is reborn breath by breath and minute by minute. We recognize and honor that each dancer reaches their peak at a different rate. We see every being as breathtakingly beautiful and exceedingly rare, even as time and circumstance washes over them. This academy is here to unlock the beauty within and help each person find their strength and confidence using the medium of dance. Classes are accessible to children 3yrs and up as well as adults. The journey does not start or end with age, it just is.


Dance I instruction positive body image. Ages 3 - Adult

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