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Keen Business Advantage Financial Corporation offers flexible and effective financial services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Since 2004, KBA Financial Services Corp. has emerged as an innovative financial services firm, providing guidance and assistance to clients in the areas of bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and specialized accounting and client management training.

As a virtual financial services provider, KBA Financial Services Corp. offers tailored financial services to meet their client’s on-going accounting and bookkeeping demands. KBA Financial Services Corp. works directly with each client to ensure that their accounting and bookkeeping needs are met.

In an effort to maintain confidentiality, KBA Financial Services Corp. utilizes a secure web-based software for clients to access their financials and upload documents at any time. KBA Financial Services Corp. is invested in the success of their client’s business and will work directly with their client’s Certified Public Accountant to assist with tax preparation.

Why KBA Financial Services Corporation?

  • Military Spouse Owned Business
  • Worldwide Virtual Financial Services
  • Over 14 Years of Professional Experience
  • Maintains Confidentiality and Security of Highly Sensitive Information
  • Professional



Bookkeeping Services | Financial Planning | Budgeting

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