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Dana is a a West Point graduate and Harvard fellow who serves as Vice President of Defense Programs, overseeing domestic and global defense products in over 110 countries, for Allison Transmission, the premier global provider of commercial-duty automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems.

After 34 years of active duty service, Dana retired from the U.S. Army in 2015 at the rank of Major General, but not before leaving a legacy that is modeled after to this day. A highly decorated combat leader, he commanded units at every echelon from platoon to division and served in multiple combat tours in Iraq and the Middle East. A defining moment in his military service included being chosen, in 2014, to lead the U.S. in its effort to impede the truculent spread of ISIS in Iraq.

He possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in combat vehicle technology and a deep understanding of the Department of Defense and congressional budget processes. He served as the Director of Operations for the Army Training and Doctrine Command, the organization responsible for defining requirements for combat vehicles.

Dana makes no apologies for wanting to see others succeed in all areas of life, from faith to finances. His natural leadership abilities catapulted Fort Bliss to become one of the most innovative military installations in the U.S. The evidence of his leadership as commander of Fort Bliss, Texas from 2010 to 2013, was how he transformed the post of over 100,000 soldiers, civilians, and family members, into one of the largest operational training installations in the Army.

Passionate about the well-being of others, he currently serves on the board of the Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation, an organization dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide. He was chosen to receive the 2017 Matt’s Hero Award for his dedication to the cause of suicide prevention and his leadership while serving as the installation commander at Fort Bliss. Under his leadership, Fort Bliss was introduced to 32 new programs in his War on Suicide initiative. The installation transitioned from having the most suicides to the least.

A triathlete, Dana encourages health, fitness, proper nutrition, and a positive mindset, to be priority when it comes to necessary change. His Focus on Fitness topics are designed to motivate individuals to identify the barriers that keep them from activating their will to live healthier lives.

Dana lives in Indiana with his wife, Lucille.


Author | Triathlete | Speaker | Retired US Army Officer

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