The El Paso Black K.A.R.E. Initiative is sponsored by the El Paso (TX) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated through a sub-grant funded by Baxter Healthcare Corporation.  We proudly, are amongst 14 chapters in the Western Area of The Links, Incorporated chosen to be a part of the Black K.A.R.E. Initiative.   

K.A.R.E. stands for kidney awareness, resources, and education and is a project focused on increasing awareness, recognition, prevention, and positive treatment outcomes for African Americans with chronic kidney disease.  It is reported that African Americans represent 35% of the people in the United States afflicted with kidney failure while only representing 13% of its population.  This initiative will focus on kidney education and awareness for early detection, prevention, nutrition and healthy physical lifestyles in the Black community.

We thank our community organizations for partnering with us on this journey.  Your participation is life-saving.